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Monthly minimum wage as from 01/01/2023

Newsletter 64


9 September 2022


Will take effect as from 01/01/2023

On 31.08.2022 the Council of Ministers approved an increase in the national minimum wage. The Decree on the minimum wage will be implemented under Article 3(1) of the Minimum Wage Law, Cap 183 as from 01.01.2023.

Within the first six months of employment in the Republic of Cyprus the minimum wage will be EURO 885, however, afterwards if the employee remains with his employer, it should be raised up to EURO 940.

It is worth noting that before the upcoming changes, since 2012, the current minimum wage is EURO 870 upon beginning of the employment and EURO 924 after six months.

Certain categories of employees are exempt from this Decree. These categories are those working in agriculture, livestock and farming, domestic workers and those working in shipping.

Also excluded from the Decree are those who receive more favorable treatment through contract, custom, practice or other Decree. If an employee has better benefits than those provided for in the Decree, the better benefits are not affected in any way.

Persons receiving training or education to obtain a degree or professional qualification are also excluded.

In addition when, within the framework of the agreed employment contract, the employer provides the employee with food and/or accommodation, the minimum monthly salary may be reduced, upon agreement between the employer and the employee, up to 15% when food is provided, and/or up to 10% when accommodation is provided.